Wax machine stick

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A novel way to apply wax quickly and thinly to paintwork using a rotary polisher - load up a finishing pad with wax from the Supernatural Machine Stick and then machine it onto a panel in a matter of seconds. It’s remarkably quick and easy to do, especially if you already have the rotary set up from the polishing stage.

Supplied in a deodorant style 60ml container for easy pad-loading.

Note that this product is not suitable for loading directly onto DA or orbital machines (although a finishing pad could be loaded 'off' the machine) and that this Supernatural wax recipe is a high-beeswax bodyshop formula with less longevity/durability compared to our Supernatural or Supernatural Hybrid waxes (giving it a recoating interval of 2-3 months, rather than up to 4-5 months).